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We can custom laser engrave or laser cut just about any item you need. We have experience with many different types of jobs, all over the world (we supply parts or you do) and we are located just north of Denver, Colorado, where we've been since 2001. We are experts in lasering - and love trying new materials or projects!

How do you get a custom quote? Email or call for a custom quote on your job - please include artwork files if possible.

You can also browse our store for an item that will work for you or call Toll free: 1-877-365-2737 or e-mail us at info@lazerdesigns.com to find out more about custom jobs.

What is the next step? Learn more about our machines, about our company, view a photo gallery of some past jobs, and then submit your order or request for quote.

Types of Custom Laser Engraving and Cutting Jobs

Personalized Lazer Designs, LLC in Broomfield (near Denver), can work with you to develop a custom sign or display or custom laser marking onto your product of choice (such as plastics, metals, woods, etc).

We have experience with many different types of surfaces, and can give you free estimates on most jobs. Samples are available - sometimes for no charge, sometimes for a small setup.

We use state of the art co2 laser machines for cutting, marking, etching, engraving, and other jobs and sand carving equipment for custom sand blasting.

We can custom laser engrave for retail, wholesale, corporate gifts, promotional items, giveaways, medical parts marking, private labeling or any other custom order.

We have successful drop ship relationships and would love to work out a mutually successful partnership with you and your company, with your products or our own. We also do fulfillment.

Types of Materials we can engrave on at our Denver, Colorado area warehouse

Cutting & Marking or Engraving:
Fabric & Leather
Paper & Cardboard
Plastic (sheet, film & molded)
Rubber (natural, synthetic & foam)
Wood & Hard Organics
(see more here)

Marking Only:
Glass & Ceramic
Metal (coated & bare)
Stone (natural & synthetic)
Anodized Aluminum

Some Applications for some of our laser marking or cutting:

Cutting & Marking or Engraving:

Architectural Models
Decorative Inlays
Embossing Seals
Hobby Models
Industrial Prototypes
Matte Board
Name Badges
Rubber Stamps
Custom Laser Cut CD Covers
Personalized iPods

Cutting Only:

Fabric / Appliqués
Insulating Paper Spacers
Molded Plastic Trimming
Custom Stencils

Marking or Engraving Only:

Award Plaques
Bar Codes
Cases / Housings
Circuit Boards
Desk Accessories
Flexography Printing Plates
Custom iPods

Knife Blades
Part Identification
Writing Instruments
Sporting Goods
Tool Marking

We can also do a custom job for you in any of the following areas:

Christmas Ornaments
Artistic Rubber Stamps
Sporting Goods:
Fishing paraphernalia
Golf clubs, tees, divot tools
Baseball bats
Footballs, basketballs, baseballs,
hockey pucks, soccer balls, etc
Knives, swords, other weaponry
Automotive Parts;
Exhaust covers
Hitch Plugs/covers
4x4 Accessories
Custom laser die cutting

Champaign Glasses
Wedding Gifts
Picture Frames
Napkin holders
Computer casings
Acrylic, wood, plastic, metals.
Any creative signage you can think
up, we can work with you on
Cabinetry & Furniture

More complete list of materials we can custom laser engrave and custom laser cut on is below. Please call us if your material for your custom laser cutting or marking job is not listed, we may be able to work with you or direct you to someone who can help you. We also provide custom laser die cutting.

  • Woods
  • Plastics
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Marble & Stone
  • Leather
  • Vinyl, veneer, styrene, silicon, pressboard, polyester, polycarbonate, nylon, masonite, mattboard, kevlar, foam, fiberglass, fabrics, ceramic substrates, cardboard, paper, carbide.

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Professional, personal service.
Guaranteed On Time Delivery.

We specialize in:
• Quick quotes
• Short lead times
•  Large and small production runs
• Custom signage, indoor and outdoor
• Custom orders
• High precision laser cutting & laser engraving

Typical Lead Time:
2 to 5 days after all parts and approvals are received.
Have a deadline? With the capacity for thousands of parts per day, we can meet it

Setup fees:
Depends on job and art. Typically
a small setup fee of $30 applies to get job setup for first
time orders. Exact repeat orders: NO SETUP FEE

Laser engrave - depth, typical on custom laser engraved wood
Laser etch - no depth - think custom laser etched metal
Laser cut - cut all the way through, laser cut out shapes, laser die cutting

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